What are Flash Drive Shortcuts?

         Flash Drive Shortcuts is a virus which affects your drive connected to the system which contains the virus. Three main symptoms of flash drive shortcut virus are as follows:

    1) Your whole device may get converted into shortcut.

    2) Many of your files and folders may get converted into shortcuts.

    3) Sometimes all the contents will get hidden and will not be visible to you.

What is FlashDrive Shortcut Remover?

          FlashDrive Shortcuts Remover is an interactive software to cure your flash drive affected by shortcut virus. There are various other software which helps you curing your flash drive affected with this virus. But FlashDrive Shortcut Remover is the best application to scan your drive with lot of other features.

            FlashDrive Shortcuts Remover monitor for the new device to get connected to your system. As soon as a new device is connected it shows a pop-up menu requesting for your permission to scan the newly connected device.

Features of FlashDrive Shortcuts Remover

Scan: Scan your device to remove shortcut viruses.

 Properties: Know the properties of your device by just clicking on properties or more simply by just pressing P on your keyboard.

 Eject: You can eject your flash drive by just pressing E to eject the selected drive or Ctrl + E to eject all the drives.

 Portable: No need of installation!

 Less Size: FlashDrive Shortcuts Remover is just 2 MB!

Download FlashDrive Shortcuts Remover 1.0

Product Name: FlashDrive Shortctus Remover


Application Size: 1.89 MB

Download Size (Compressed): 1.03 MB

Cost: Free!

Developer: Saqib Ghatte

You may get error while downloading this application as from non-trusted publisher. 

But don't worry. At last its an antivirus and not a virus...!